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JavaPolis 2007 – First Day

Just got back to the hotel from the JavaPolis conference 2007. Some familiar faces from last year and events around Europe, some new ones, the friends we came together to the even… Right enought talk for me, lets get straight to the point.. although I had ten hours of pure Java adrenaline I am still in the mood of writing my thoughts about the events.

First session I attended was Java Generics and Collections in Action by Maurice Naftalin. I personally believe it was the best talk of today. Maurice delved into the generics gotchas in the first part and into the Java 1.5 and 1.6 collection classes. Loads of new stuff here even if you thought you knew it all… Think again.

Second session was Google API’s by Dick Wall from the Java Posse and Google. Version 0.5 of the google apis are available for download. We are to expect a 1.0 release by the middle of next year. Unfortunately if you are still running JDK 1.4 and below you have no luck running the google apis, they require Java 5 and above, although some of the features do not work with Java 6 (still to see that one on mac). Second part involved two nice presentations about using the google apis and info on how to use them. They follow the same motive as the CRUD motive, GET (to retrieve a feed -a collection of entries that match certain criteria- or an entry), POST (to create an entry), PUT (to update an entry) and DELETE (to delete an entry). There are several implementations of the apis, Java, Ruby, Perl, .NET to name but a few.

Third talk was Code generation on giant CRUD by Tom Klaasen which I didn’t find very informative. The talk was mainly concerned about the technologies available that can generate code, Hibernate, Freemarker, XDoclet etc.

Fourth talk was Addictive code reviews with Crucible by Matt Quail. He talked about Crucible a tool that helps you do code reviews. Quite interesting tool but nothing beats two pairs of eyes in this one. However if you’re working in a huge organization or you have employees who work remotely it will definitely make some difference when reviewing code.

Unfortunately I had to skip most of the BOFs and got back at nine o’clock for the last BOF Declarative programming with rules, processes and cep with Mark Proctor. It was a fast BOF since there were loads of questions and no time to answer them all or go through the slides thoroughly. There were some really interesting points of how to use drools to build complex logic around business rules and actually get your manager to understand how they work :). You can check the implementation out at the Drools page.

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  1. 11 December 2007 at 12:20 pm

    JavaPolis 2007 is superb! I’m very happy to be here again.

  1. 11 December 2008 at 4:54 am

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