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JHUG Java day – Athens 22/11/2008

duke-column-torch-black-tn.png Jhug, is organising a Java day in Athens, Greece. The event will take place on Saturday 10.00 am, 22nd of November 2008 at President Hotel, and is expected to finish at 16.30 pm. Event’s speakers will be C. Loverdos, Sharon Cheong from Trasys Greece, Dr Heinz Kabutz, Serafeim Karapatis, a Glassfish speaker (TBA) and Dimitris Andreadis, from JBoss. The full programme is listed below
10.00-10.30 Registration – Coffee
10.30-11.20 Meet Scala. Object-Functional Programming Has Already Begun C Loverdos
11.30-12.20 Software Testing: Best practices Sharon Cheong
12.20-12.40 Coffee break
12.40-13.10 Un^H^HSelf-employed Dr Heinz Kabutz
13.20-14.10 Rapid application development using task flows and AJAX in JDeveloper 11g Serafeim Karapatis
14.10-14:40 Lunch Break
14.40-15:30 Introducing GlassFish v3 (TBA)
15.40-16:30 Introduction to JBoss AS 5 Dimitris Andreadis

Sponsor to this event is Trasys Greece.

If you happen to be in Greece in the end of November it is well worth it paying a visit to the event.

For more info you can either send me an e-mail or visit the jugevents site.

Since we are always looking for speakers, if you are interested in speaking in one of JHUG’s future events please do send me an e-mail.

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