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WTF again

30 November 2016 1 comment

Looking at legacy code, someone actually wrote a class that extends ArrayList

public class UserInterfaceModel extends ArrayList {

just because (s)he wanted to find out if a specific element was in the list!

public class UserInterfaceModel extends ArrayList {
    private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

    public UserInterfaceModel() {}

    public void addElement(UserInterfaceElement uie) {

    //chek if contains UserInterfaceElement in collection
    public boolean isContainingElement(String name) {
        for (int i=0;i<this.size();i++) {
            if (((UserInterfaceElement)this.get(i)).getName().equalsIgnoreCase(name)) {
                return true;
         return false;

public class UserInterfaceElement {

    private String name;
    private String url;

Instead, the said programmer could just implement the equals method in the UserInterfaceElement element (to check only the name value) and just use a List.

Amzing, just amazing.

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Yet another WTF moment

4 June 2014 5 comments
boolean found = false;
for (int pr=0; pr<promotions.length; pr++) {
    Promotion promotion = promotions[pr];
    if (promotion!=null && promotion.getName().equals(""+availablePromotions[pr][a1].getPackageId())) {
        externalPromotions[pr] = externalPromotions[pr];    // WTF!!! Assigning a value to itself.
        found = true;  // Not sure what this is
found = false;  // As soon as the loop exits this goes back to false again. WTF!!!

The above is an actual snippet of code from a production system (the comments are mine). And yes, I am serious.

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And more!

30 January 2014 Leave a comment
if(canBeMultiplied && renewalOfferMultiplier > 0)
    discount = discount * renewalOfferMultiplier;
    discount = discount;
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Even more WTF

29 January 2014 2 comments

And I thought that I had seen everything. But I hadn’t yet seen a wrapper to a String!!

public class OneVariableGenericVO implements

  private String varName;

  public OneVariableGenericVO()

  public OneVariableGenericVO(String varName)

  public String getVarName()
  	return this.varName;

  public void setVarName(String varName)
  	this.varName = varName;


SO instead of using a String someone had the brilliant idea to wrap a String into an object and use this instead. What can I say? I am speechless.

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More WTF!

15 November 2013 Leave a comment
if (true)
    if (externalCreditDeposit == 0)
        creditDeposit = internalCreditDeposit;
        creditDeposit = intWeight * internalCreditDeposit + extWeight * externalCreditDeposit;

Just to make sure that it will always be executed!

// Variable declaration
        String oldMsisdn = "";
        String newMsisdn = "";
        int rows = 0;
        int cols = 0;
        int tmp = 0;
        int listPtr = 0;

Just to make sure that we know there are variable declarations!

if (request.getParameter("hasBlackberyFromTor")!=null && request.getParameter("hasBlackberyFromTor").equals("1")) {
         blackberryExtraPlus  = "-22";

Unnecessary empty if statement.

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Not tested yet! (WTF)

5 November 2013 1 comment

This is some production code, that fails.

// Do conjunction////NOT TESTED YET???I dont know what will happen : (
startConjunction(customers, application);

Not sure if the author forgot the comment there or it indeed is not tested. But knowing that the code might not work and not fixing it is really WTF!

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WTF code!

7 October 2013 1 comment

While I was looking at some legacy code I stumbled upon a few wtf! moments. This is code that surprised me and made me laugh. Not that I haven’t written bad code in my life, but this is hilarious.

setPMPLogHistory(new Integer(applicationId).toString());

In the code above, the variable applicationId is already a String! The developer first creates a new Integer instance from a String and then turns this into a String again!


Apart from the obvious refactoring (the “1” should be at the beginning of the comparison in order to avoid a npe) you don’t have upper/lower case digits, so the equalsIgnoreCase is unnecessary.

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